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Charlie George

My Story’ 2005.

Frank A. Greenhill

The Incised Slabs of Leicestershire & Rutland' 1958; 'Monumental Incised Slabs in the County of Lincoln' 1986, 'Incised effigial slabs, a study of engraved stone memorials in Latin Christendom C1100 - C1700' 1976, 'Ye Aunceynt Chronycle of Ballycollynge' 1940.

Bob Hartley

From Russia With Laughter, 1991; Helen Duncan The Mystery Show Trial, 2007; ebook Who's Talking, 2013

Fred. G. Hirsch

To Your Credit, 1961; Money For Growth, 1962; Money International, 1967; An SDR Standard: Impetus, elements, & impediments, 1973; Social Limits To Growth, 1977; (co-authored: The Pound Sterling: a Polemic, 1965; The Role & Rule of Gold, 1965, Reserves, Reserve Currencies & Vehicle Currencies, 1966; Newspaper Money, 1978 (co-authored); Alternative To Monetary Disorder, 1977 (co-authored); The CIA & The Labour Movement, 1977 (co-authored); The Political Economy of Inflation' (co-editor) 1978.

Herbert R. Hodge

Economic Conditions 1815-1914, 1917

Clyde Holmes

Standing Stone 1978, In Season 1988, Skywalls 1998, Featherpaths 2004.

John Houghton

‘Feldrog’s Sting’ 1993, ‘Hagbane’s Doom’ 1984, ‘The Healthy Alternative’ 1985, ‘Gublak’s Greed’ 1985, ‘Tergan’s Lair’ 1998, ‘Oswain and the Battle for Alamore’ 2001, ‘Oswain and the Mystery of the Star Stone’ 2001, ‘Oswain and the Quest for the Ice Maiden’ 2002, ‘Oswain and the Secret of the Lost Island’ 2002, ‘Oswain and the Guild of the White Eagle’ 2003, ‘Surin’s Revenge’ 1987, ‘Does God Play Dice?’ 1988, ‘A Distant Shore’ 1994, ‘Issues Facing Society’ 1992, ‘Handling Your Money’ 1987, ‘Frameworks For Faith’ 1997, ‘Motivating for Mission’ 1998, ‘Making the Transition’ 2000, ‘A Closer Look at Harry Potter’ 2000, ‘The Letter to Romans’ 2003, ‘The Covenants’ 2003, ‘Out Here: a different way of being’ 2004, ‘A Closer Look At His dark Materials’ 2004, ‘Philippians: living for the sake of the Gospel’ 2007, ‘Isaiah 1-39: Prophet to the Nations’ 2009, ‘Isaiah 40-66’, ‘Jeremiah & Lamentations’, ‘The Letter to the Colossians’, ‘The Letter to the Hebrews’, ‘Revelation 1-3’, ‘Galatians: Freedom in Christ’ 2011, ‘Prayerwalking’, ‘Fear Not’ 2002 (co-authored), ‘Hallows Deep’ 2011 (ebook), ‘Molech Raising’ 2011 (ebook) & four books co-authored with Janet, his wife: ‘A Touch of Love’ 1986, ‘Parenting Teenagers’ 1994, ‘So You’ve Got Teenagers Too’ 1989, ‘Why Say No To Sex?’

Steve Howe

(co-author) Yes (Album of songs) 1977; Yes – Tormato (Songs by Yes) 1979.

Sidney C. Hutchison

Homes of the Royal Academy, 1956; The History of the Royal Academy 1768-1968, 1968.

Paul L. E. Idahosa

The Populist Dimension To Africa Political Thought: Critical Essays in Reconstruction & Retrieval, 2004.

Albert Irvin

Albert Irving, 1982; Albert Irvin, Three Score & Ten, 1992; Albert Irvin, Painting 1960-90, 1990.

George Ives

History of the Licensed Victuallers National Homes

Roy Elliott Jones

Principles of Foreign Policy, The Civil State in its World Setting. 1979.

Peter H. G. Joseph

United Kingdom Mineral Statistics, British Geological Survey, 1988 (co-author); Contributions to: British Geological Survey Regional Geochemical Atlases: Sutherland 1982, Hebrides 1983, Great Glen 1988, Argyll & Tiree 1989, Moray/Buchan 1990, Tay Forth 1991, the Lake District 1993; Mining Accidents in the St. Just District 1831-1914, 1999; Cape Cornwall Mine, 2006, Hard Graft: Botallack Mine in the Twentieth Century, 2010; From Holman Brothers to CompAir: the story of Camborne's engineering heritage, 2010 (with Clive Carter); So Very Foolish, a History of the Wherry Mine, Penzance, 2012; Levant: A Champion Cornish Mine, 2013 (with John Corin); Ding Dong Mine, A History, 2014 (with Gerald Williams); Cornubia: The Story of a Hayle Steamship, 2016; so far 29 reports on industrial sites in Cornwall, 20 articles on Cornish industrial history and/or archaeology to date.

Hyman Kaner

Balance Sheets Explained, Analysed and Classified, 1938.

Robert H. Leach

Let The Ink Flow, 1980.

David Levitas

Summer Breaks (book of verses), 1999; An Anatomy of Mans Mortality, 1999; Haskalah or Enlightenment, 2003; 6 Stories, 1999; A – B – C – D –, 1999 (poems); Papillons (verses), 2000; Two Stories, 1999; Pikachu’s Dream, 2000; After Sunrise - Before the Fall, 1991; You Sparrows, 2001; A Pastoral, 2003; In Praise of Hafiz, 2004; Dead emails, 2003; 'The Curse of Judi’ 2004; Joseph Within The Pit, 2005; ‘The Holy Church’ 2005, ‘The Knot That Bind With Tethering’ 2006, A Ponsonby: Tween Midships and Hull, 2006; Prosperpina’s Aires and Layes, 2006; Anthropomorphus, 2006.

Ronald A. Mackness

Revised two books: Textbook in Economics, 1958; Groundwork in Economics, 1954.

Laurence Marks

A Fan For All Seasons, 1999; Ruth Ellis, a Case of Diminished  Responsibility, 1977 (co-authored); (5 co-authored books with Maurice Gran: Dorien's Diary, Intimate Confessions, The New Statesman, unexpurgated texts, Goodnight Sweetheart, The Sparrow Diaries, Holding The Fort, Shine On Harvey Moon, 1995; Birds of a Feather: Unabridged.

Angus McBride

The Age of Charlemagne, 1984; Ancient Armies of the Middle East, 1981; The Ancient Assyrians, 1991; Buccaneers, 2000; Knights at Tournament, 1988; The Zulus, 1989; The Vikings, 1985; (responsible for colour plates and many more books), Sleeping Beauty, 1993; Ancient Egypt, 1985; Dracula, 1984; Armour, 1976; Joan of Arc, 1987; The Weather Guide, 1969; From The Old Testament, 1984; Aladdin and the Lamp, 1991; Women Warlords, 1989 (illustrator and for many more); Reivers, 1998 (co-author).

William McCarthy

The Closed Shop, 1964; Industrial Relations in Britain, a Guide for Management & Unions (Ed.), 1969; The Role of Shop Steward in British Industrial Relations, 1973; The Future of Unions, 1962; Management By Agreement, 1973 (co-authored); Trade Unions (Ed.), 1974; Making Whitley Work, 1976; Coming to Terms With Trade Unions, 1973; Towards the Reforms of Tory Employment Laws, 1985; Freedom at Work, 1985; The Future of Industrial Democracy, 1988; Employee Relations Audits, 1990 (co-authored); Ballots On Industrial Action, The Draft Code of Practice, 1989; Legal Intervention in Industrial Relations, Gains & Losses (Ed.), 1992; Fairness At Work & Trade: Past Comparisons & Future Policy, 1999; Legal regulation of the Employment Relation, 2000; Wage Inflation & Wage Leadership, 1975 (co-authored), Life On The Street, 1990.

Bill Meehan

Charlie Baker Dog: The Story of the Finisterre Mobile Wireless Station, 2012

Arnold Vincent Miller

Translator: ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ by G.W.F. Hegel, 1952, 1977, The Science of Logic by G.W.F. Hegel, 1969, The Philosophy of Nature’ by G.W.F. Hegel, 1970, 2004, ‘Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Science’ co-translator (3 vols) 1970-5, ‘Introduction to the Lectures on the History of Philosophy’ by G.W.F. Hegel, 1985, ‘The Philosophical Propaedeutic’ by G.W.F. Hegel ; translated & co-edited 1986, ‘Hegel, G.W.F., Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline, and Critical Writings’, Ernst Behler (ed.), co-translator, 1990, ‘Zusatze’ by Ludwig Boumann to Hegel’s ‘Philosophy of Mind’ 1971.

George Monger

The End of Isolation. British Foreign Policy From 1900-07, 1963; Updated new edition of Discovering English Customs & Traditions, 1998 (by M. Gascoigne).

John Henry Morris

The South Wales Coal Industry 1841-75, 1958 (co-author).

William G. Nursaw

The Art & Practice of Investment, 1963; Purposeful Investment, 1965; Principles of Pension Fund Investment, 1966; Investment in Trust, 1968; Investments For All, 1971; Supplement to the Art and Practice of Investment, 1966.

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