The School

After the London County Council (LCC) purchased a site in Hilldrop Road the School opened its gates in 1907 as Camden Secondary School for Boys.
The first Headmaster was Mr. Augustas Khan who has been followed by many distinguished academics.

Heads of School 1907 to 2014

In 2014, John  Dixon took over from Bob Hamlyn.

In 2018, Alan Streeter, our President, became Headteacher.

The origin of the School crest is probably the eagle of St. John's College, Cambridge from which the first Headmaster came, and which owned most of the property in the Brecknock Road area.
The motto is, of course, a Latinised version of the refrain of the Harrow School song which was adopted by Holloway.

Forty Years On - school song

The first colours were red and blue but confusion with another school led to a change in 1922-23 to black and white.
During the 2nd World War the School was evacuated to Rugby, then onto Towcester before returning in 1943 when the buildings were shared with the primary and junior schools from Hungerford Road.

Roll of Honour. Old Camdenians who gave their lives in action in two world wars: 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945

In 1955, the School changed its name once again from Holloway Grammar to Holloway Comprehensive and, became co-ed in 2005, when the School attained Specialist Sports College status.

In 2019, its name changed to Beacon High School.

Follow this link for Beacon High School's website;

You will find out more about the history of the school and download 'Holloway School Jubilee Retrospect 1907 to 1957' and 'Holloway School and Old Camdenians' Club Centenary Retrospect'(2009).


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